In my classes, I pay great attention to the correct position of the body, hands, feet and head, Feeling of posture and musicality.

And I also work with children in parterre gymnastics (a ballet complex of exercises on the floor for a detailed study of the muscles of the legs, the press and back.), Which promotes the development of flexibility, stretching, the correct formation of muscles. Parterre or Knyazev gymnastics, has already become an integral part of the training for all involved in ballet.

Aims and objectives At the school of classical dance, I want to continue the preservation and maintenance of the traditions and cultural values of the Russian ballet.


About Me

Dance for me, is another world of existence, in which the mood, thoughts and sensations are transmitted with the help of expressive movement.

As a child, I was very creative, with a good physique for Ballet and good flexibility, which are necessary for a professional dancer. Therefore, from the age of 3, my parents took me to a dance studio to practice Ballet. Entering later in to a professional dance school in Moscow, I began to seriously engage in classical dance. In addition to Ballet, we were taught other dance disciplines - such as folk dance, historical and duet dance, acting skills and modern dance.

In the School of Classical Dance I was engaged under the direction of Gennady Ledyakh - honored Artist of Russia, the premiere of the Bolshoi Theatre and the student Asaf Messerer.

After graduation I worked in different dance companies including "Ballet Revival" and "Russian Seasons", and often performed with stars of show business. Most memorable was the participation in a grand concert at the celebration of the ‘Day of Moscow’, which took place in the main square of the capital.

At the age of seventeen I began to teach classical dance with children. At this point I realised that I really love children and working with them, so much that I wanted to become a teacher.


Sue O’Malley
Went to my 1st adult body ballet class last week & loved it! Maria is a great teacher with lots of patience & made the class accessible but also challenging! Looking forward to the next one! If you’re looking for an all over body workout with a difference this is for you!
Linda Askew
I can highly recommend Maria’s ballet class. My 4 year old daughter Bella has recently started Maria’s classes. The lessons whilst structured and disciplined are still lots of fun. My daughter left Maria’s class so excited for her next lesson and hasn’t stopped talking about her lessons and has been practicing all she has learnt so far at home. Maria is extremely professional and I can see that she will bring the best out of all of her students.  
I’m very pleased with these ballet classes.It’s a good upbringing for a young girl who is trying to achieve good results in something she really likes. I would definitely recommend it to all!