Ballet class for 7+ years old

Ballet class for children 7+ years old



Sunday : 4.00-4.45pm

Royal Leamington Spa

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Ballet for children is a great opportunity to learn to feel your body, develop flexibility and grace, endurance and concentration. The essentials in classical dance are strengthening the body and developing balance.


 The theater of classical choreography begins with exercise at a special ballet  barre. This is a set of exercises aimed at developing the musculoskeletal system.


Classical dance training is carried out using exercise. This is a certain complex of choreographic movements, they are performed sequentially and in various combinations. The classical dance training program develops endurance, plasticity, expressiveness, musicality and, of course, refined taste.


A class in classical choreography is unthinkable without studying the positions of the arms and legs, as well as dance terminology.


 My lessons are conducted with classical music. Children are given the opportunity to prepare for concerts and special events.


 The basics of classical dance are used not only in ballet. Ballroom, pop, modern, sports dance, gymnastics, figure skating training is based on them.