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Does my child have to be toilet trained for Baby Ballet Class?

No, I understand that children develop at different rates and that may still be in nappies or pull ups, all I ask is that if your child is being toilet trained please let me know.

Can boys attend ballet classes ?

Yes, absolutely. My classes are adapte for boys and girls

Do the children have to do exams?

You have the option to have exams or not.

Do you run classes in the school holidays?

No, I don’t do the classes during school half term.

Do we have to wait until a new term to join?

No you can start at any point during the term.
Just contact me to check if the place is available.

Is it weekly or term payments?

Only the term payments is available.

How much does it cost?

Please contact me for this information via email or website contact page

Do we have to pay for missed classes?

I don’t provide the refund for the missing class.

What should we wear to the trial ?

For the trial you can wear the comfortable clothes as the Leggings/ socks or ballet shoes and the top with the short sleeve.

Do we have to buy a uniform after the trial?

Yes, I have a recommended uniform

What should I wear for the Body Ballet class?

For the Body Ballet class you can wear the sport clothes as leggings and tops. I would recommend to have a ballet shoes or socks.

Where can I buy the Ballet uniform/Ballet shoes?

Russian Ballet School has a partnership with « Dance Complex » shop.
With your purchase you will receive a 10% discount and they will provide you exactly what you will need for my class.
Address: Tower St, Coventry CV1 1JN

Do we have to make the “ballet bun hair” ?

Yes, for the ballet class it’s necessarily needed.