Preschool Ballet

Preschool Ballet for 2-4 yrs old



Sunday : 3.15-4.00pm

Royal Leamington Spa

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Baby Ballet !

I have gained invaluable hands-on experience of working with children from 2 years old.

Over the years I have developed my own methodology that I successfully apply to teaching children of different age groups. What makes my methodology unique is that the lessons take on the form of a game, which is fun yet effective way to gain theoretical knowledge, acquire practical skills and learn the basics of the art of choreography.

Irrespective of students’ age I take a professional approach to teaching.

I explain the basics of how human body works, what muscle groups should be engaged in certain movements and why. In my classes they also learn the classic ballet terminology. Ballet requires discipline, focus and determination and sets a path for success in life from an early age.

My classes focus on the physical development of young children from 2 years old.

The classes are for little girls and boys.

Why Baby Ballet ?

Baby Ballet is a great opportunity and a fun way to promote and foster your child’s development.

Classical choreography encourages harmonious development of a child.

Children get acquainted with the beauty of dance and its aesthetics. It is very important to develop a correct and beautiful posture from an early age. Children immerse into the magical world of dance, expression and improvisation.

We dance, we play, we improvise, we improve!