Why do we dance?

Why do we dance?


I think, everyone can dance.

Everyone who has a soul. Each person is given to feel the rhythm and melody. When we feel good, we dance, and when we are sad, some of us dance too. I can’t imagine how better the person can express himself. Through movements, we show the world who we really are. We are stay young till we dance!

That is why, after my Body Ballet classes, people feel like in « a new body » and lighter.

Dance for me- is the flight of the soul. Through dance, we get rid of stress, other negative factors, and improving psychological health.

Everything that worried us remains after us in the hall.

“Sinking” into ballet choreography, a person is disconnected from their pressing problems. Dancing, we feel happier! I am glad what I can give to people happiness and we share this moment together.

I recommend my “Baby Ballet” classes from a very early age.

And the dance itself has arisen over the centuries. The ability to dance was associated with the ability to survive. Dance movement is a reflection of our life and culture. The dance used to have a religious magical meaning, and was inseparable from rituals.

Sign language in dance has survived to this day, which we use in choreography for children and adults. The nature of the performance of the movement is fast or slow, smooth or sharp, it alternates. From this the sequence of my Ballet lesson is built.

The first ballet images appeared at the end of the 15th century in Italy.

Us we know, Ballet is a synthesis of performing arts form.

It includes art, drama, music, but the most important thing is choreography. That is why it is the highest form of choreographic art. The main choreographic expression in Ballet is classical dance. Ballet brings up a beautiful person and a good feeling is a classical music. As parent, I understand how important it is today. Because all parents want their children to receive only the best.

This type of dance art received its main development in France, at the French court during Louis 14 th.He who founded the first dance academy in 1661.

Russian ballet is world famous. The first professional ballet school was opened on May 4, 1738 by the French dance master Jean Baptiste Lande in St. Perersbyrg.

It was in this school that a unique choreographic system was founded by A.Vaganova, which was glorified throughout the world as a “Vaganova method” and still exists today. She made a huge contribution to the development of ballet after working at this school for 30 years.

Classical dance provides a wonderful opportunity to find a balance between your mind and body, and help us to be active today.

Ballet is very popular in our world to educate the younger generation. I would like to say, in Russia, the choreography classes for children are required in every school, as additional education in the field of physical development. In my “Russian Ballet School”, I use exercises method to prevent flat feet. From an early age, children need to do stretching, develop flexibility. Strengthen the muscles of the back and body.

Ballet classes strengthen physical and mental health, improve posture, flexibility, and just cheer you up!

Classical choreography gives self-confidence, sophistication and unites the same creative people as you, and making us a community- ballet lovers.

I invite both children and adults to touch this beautiful art form and plunge into the world of dance

See you in class!

Maria x